Cloud Virtual Servers - OpenVZ

Cloud Virtual Servers - OpenVZ

A cloud VPS server gives you guaranteed system resources and root level access to install the software that you need. All of our cloud vps solutions come hosted on OpenVZ hypervisor software and can be controlled by you with our web based control panel.

Plan Name CPU Cores Memory Storage Bandwidth IPV4 IPV6 Price Order
VZ-512 1 512 MB 60 GB 1 TB 1 /64 $10.00 Order Now
VZ-1024 2 1 GB 80 GB 2 TB 1 /64 $15.00 Order Now
VZ-2048 2 2 GB 100 GB 4 TB 1 /64 $25.00 Order Now
VZ-4096 4 4 GB 160 GB 8 TB 2 /64 $50.00 Order Now
VZ-8192 8 8 GB 250 GB 10 TB 2 /64 $75.00 Order Now
  • Cpanel License - $50.00/month *
  • Directadmin License - $35.00/month *
  • Additional IPV4 Address - $4.00/month
* Only available with 1GB plans and higher.
OpenVZ Vps Faq:
Which operating systems do you support?
- CentOS 6.x, CentOS 7.x, Ubuntu, Debian or anything listed here
Do you offer backups of your VPS services?
- No not at this time. It is the customers responsibility to keep a backup of their data. We may add backups in the future.
What hardware do you run your nodes on?
- All of our nodes utilize at least dual quad core processors, raid protected storage and enough ram to support many virtual servers. We also only use enterprise equipment, no whitebox pc's. We never over sell our services.
What is the connection speed of your VPS servers?
- 1GBps unless otherwise noted.
Which operating system will come on my VPS as default?
- CentOS 6.x 64-bit, but you can change it later.
Can I purchase more disk space, memory, or cpu cores for my VPS server?
- Due to our low cost, we suggest upgrading to a higher VPS plan. Please open a support ticket to do so.
How are VPS servers billed?
- Pricing of VPS servers is billed monthly in USD funds. You can pay via Paypal or any major credit card.
Which software/services are prohibited on VPS servers?
- The following software/services/actions are prohibited on VPS servers and anyone found running them will have their services terminated immediately without refund:

  • Tor
  • Torrent
  • Proxy
  • VPN
  • DDos
  • Mail Flooding
  • Sending of unsolicited emails
  • IRC Software
  • Hosting of underage pornography - 18+ only

Included as Standard:

Free Instant Setup

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Management Control Panel

OpenVZ Based Virtualization

Double the burstable ram